If your pet rock is aggressive, give it a warm bath in sugar with some candles to calm it down. Use a sponge or a cloth to scrub your pet rock inside with the soap-water mixture, if you can't use any of these use your hands.
To build a house for your pet rock, take a small shoebox and cut a small window in the side. To get the best experience, educate your rock and give it attention at least 15 minutes every day.
If you have lots of rocks give them all related names so they are easy to remember, but then again, be sure to give them all equal attention so as to not have them feel left out. Rocks are not people- It's just like any other pet, don't treat it like it is a person; they can't talk or move!

Because pet rocks cannot literally ingest food, you should prepare them a feast for their other senses, like sight, touch, smell, and hearing. It can't eat physical objects, so provide it with food for its other senses, such as sight, touch, smell, and hearing.
If you remember the day you found your pet rock, a birthday party is a great way to celebrate each year you and your pet spend together. Find out how to care for your new little buddy and how to give him the best life it could ever possibly have! You can also just make your rock a solid color, or one side one color, and another side another color! Make sure the bag is a nice fit, and that your rock can fit in it without a tight struggle.

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If you can't print or find any thing that smells nice, try to see if your rock is interested in looking at your food and maybe if you're comfortable with it your rock could smell your food. Bathing is very important when "pet rocking", and rocks like to contemplate their day after a relaxing bath.you may need to re do some of the pen if your rock has any. Be sure to look and see what breed it is, also see if you want a smooth rock, or a bumpy rock.

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