After all, low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity and increased turnover -- and ultimately hinder a business from reaching its goals. Since employee morale can quickly build or break a company's success, effective leaders often keep a close eye on it and enlist simple and creative approaches to strengthen it. Departing from the customary routine of meetings and cubicle life can go a long way toward building morale. During the height of the recession in 2009, employee morale became a big issue for 4Imprint, a maker of customized promotional products, based in Oshkosh, Wis.
Its 55 employees are invited to play in a monthly Game Day, an in-house competition with activities ranging from Trivial Pursuit to Wii bowling matches.
Studer Group, a Gulf Breeze, Fla.-based management consulting firm, gives its 114 employees four paid hours a month to volunteer for a charitable initiative or organization of their choice.

Even if employees have a direct line of communication with management, a suggestion box can be a good way for them to offer tips on how the company can make improvements or offer other feedback. An Austin Peay University study of employee morale programs concluded that establishing work teams is key to building employee morale.
All 387 employees are organized into neighborhoods, based on the floors or sections of floors in each office.
Companies have been using suggestion boxes for decades, with an Eastern Michigan University study of police morale noting that there is some empirical evidence that they do make a difference. But as attorney Rush Nigut warns, employee lawsuits are on the rise due to perceived management slights. Simple and low-cost improvements in the use of banners around the office, colors, even an overhaul of the employee bulletin board can spark employee motivation.

Whether your business is big or small, the same principle applies: positive employees help to bolster the bottom line.
The latest list was designed as a book, Acuity World Records, with the help of Guinness World Records, and given to all 831 employees.

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