An earthquake is a very destructive natural disaster; particularly in the Pacific Rim region.
After an earthquake, your home may be a mess and you might be left without a water supply and energy. If your house has a chimney, this can be a source of injury if it topples during an earthquake.
If at all possible, avoid living near fault lines and large mountains in an earthquake-prone region. When looking online for items to help you quake proof your home, a good search term is "earthquake safety products".
TRIVIA: PHIVOLCS has said that the Marikina Valley Fault Line is already “ripe for movement,” although there is no way to predict when the quake will strike. At the end of the day, disasters and disaster risk reduction is not an issue left solely for the government to deal with. Put together a disaster supply kit. Plan to have supplies for yourself and your family for at least 3 days following a disaster.

There are several things you can do to prepare for an earthquake before it happens, to minimize the damage and potential for injury in and around your home. There are a number of specific hazards in your home that you can deal with before an earthquake occurs. Conventional picture hooks will not hold pictures during an earthquake but they are easy to fix - simply push the hook closed, or use a filler material to fill the gap between the hook and its backing.
There are resources in your community to educate you and your family on how to deal with first aid emergencies. Since there is no precise time of day when an earthquake might strike, you may be at work, at school, on a bus, or in a train when one strikes.
Be sure to include wrenches for gas lines, a heavy duty hammer, work gloves, and a crowbar. If there aren't civic groups present in your area focused on earthquake preparedness, work on putting one together. Ask your neighbors to lend a hand, other family members, or dial a handyman company that is good at fixing things for a reasonable price.

Similar items should be kept at your desk at work or school (for work, keep a pair of comfortable walking shoes ready). Each individual must consciously arm him or herself with the knowledge and preparations needed in the occurrence of such calamities. It is highly likely that you will need to know several ways to get home since roads and bridges will likely be obstructed for long periods of time. For example: There is a vase on the desk, when a rock hits it, the glass would shatter everywhere which may cause injuries. If you have civil defence safety meeting points, be sure that every member of the family knows the location of the one closest to home, school, and work.

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