Bangladesh also suffers regularly from substantial flooding caused by monsoon rains and melting snows from the Himalayas. As well as people being killed by drowning in the flood waters, health problems increased the number of deaths further.
Most floods follow heavy rain or melting snow, frozen ground and already high river levels.

The floods in Bangladesh begin through a combination of heavy monsoon rains flooding the rivers and abnormally high tides in the Bay of Bengal preventing floodwater from running off the land and into the sea. The likelihood of flooding can be increased by human activities too, such as too many trees being cut down, stripping the land bare of the vital top soil which slows and drains water. So planners in cities prone to flooding have to develop ways of channelling water to cope with potential floods.

Melting snow from Himalayas added water into rivers flowing through Bangladesh Some areas underwater for over 2 months.

Government disaster preparedness plan
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