The 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina has reopened the conversation about disaster preparedness in the United States.
Seattle is one city that's particularly vulnerable to certain natural disasters, including earthquakes and landslides. Luckily the Seattle government continues to develop new strategies to prepare for the worst.
After the earthquake that shattered parts of India and Nepal, concerns on disaster and safety are echoing across the sub-continent. The garden city with a rapidly growing population of 10,839,725 is relatively less prone to disaster. Apart from NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) there is KSDMA (Karnataka State Disaster Management Authority) and KSNDMC (Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre) that handle issues related to disaster preparedness and disaster management. It has the CDMM (Centre for Disaster Mitigation Management) managed by Anna University in collaboration with state government, apart from which there is a local branch of the NDMA.

The CDMM researches on the various impending natural disasters whereas the NDMA helps the state in policy, planning and capacity building. Two years back, a newspaper article had criticised the city with its population of 11, 48,741 for lacking a CDMP (City Disaster Management Plan).
Recent disasters like the Nepal earthquake and the flood in Kashmir have reminded us the need to be prepared for disasters and our cities being the most populous regions in the country are usually at high risk.
Acts of nature obviously don't provide much warning, so it's up to local officials to always be ready. Though there is the Tamil Nadu State Disaster Management Authority, the plan which was formulated way back in 2003. Delhi being in seismic zone 4 (high activity) is one of India’s most vulnerable metropolitan cities when it comes to earthquakes.
With a population of 44, 86,679 the city houses the West Bengal Disaster Management Department.

However, as we see above, many cities still do not have adequate mechanisms or plans to deal with these situations. Being in such a volatile location, the city also has the DDMA (Delhi Disaster Management Authority) which makes sure the city has no imminent threat.
Though the city has no plan in place, WBMD has laid out plans for the entire state to prevent and provide relief against and during any natural disasters which compensate for it. Though the city has a disaster wing under the Municipal Corporation of greater Mumbai the city’s haphazard planning proves to be a major threat during any disaster.

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