Have a plan in hand before you need it.Your challenge is to protect your hospital's data and ensure the security and integrity of patient information. The days of basic disaster recovery plans are gone.Having a solid disaster recovery program has moved up the priority list. A complete solution for a seamless recovery.CareTech Solutions offers a full suite of disaster recovery services to help you meet your hospital's recovery objectives. Designed and built exclusively for healthcare.CareTech Solutions has a solid track record of working closely with its hospital clients to design better approaches to disaster recovery as their technology and needs change.

Backup and recovery plans for each application need to be chosen, along with a hardware replacement plan. All personnel involved in the disaster recovery plan must be trained in the execution of the disaster recovery plan. In a disaster, whether natural or man-made, your hospital can't afford unavailable or lost data. Moving from traditional IT operations toward a "real-time healthcare" strategy requires a strong, scalable foundation of core IT capabilities – including an enhanced Information Security program that fully supports business continuity and disaster recovery.

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