The Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation has activated a Disaster Fund where 100% of donations will go to Colorado farmers and ranchers affected by the floods. Donations for VACANT rental properties, vacation homes, can be listed through Colorado Housing Search. After they know how nonetheless with no a prop to propel the boat, almost everything else may.
NACC  in partnership with El Comite de Longmont deployed to Colorado in efforts to help victims of flooding.

BBVA Compass for the CauseOpen a bank account with a $50 starting deposit and every time you use your debit card .25% is donated to NACC! The funds raised through the Foothills United Way Flood Relief Fund will be used toward health and human services for those affected by the flooding in Boulder and Broomfield counties.
On Saturday afternoon, the group was evacuated by the National Guard with Chinook helicopters."Owen is home safe now," Miller said. He said he stepped out into four inches of water.After spending the rest of the night with his children at a home on high ground, he decided to go back to his home to rescue his dogs.

Vrain River it is usually five or so yards wide, but it had become about 400 yards wide.He walked through floodwaters holding an inner tube to reach his stone house, which was filled with "wall-to-wall" mud.

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