I invite you to participate in the mission of helping families recover and rebuild through The Red Guide to Recovery Book Donation Program for Disaster Survivors.  With your contribution, we can put books in the hands of families in need, exactly when they most need this invaluable handbook. Help us meet our goal of sending 5,000 books to disaster survivors by visiting The Red Guide Donation Program.  On behalf of the families helped by The Red Guide, thank you for your consideration. Tips from previous disaster survivorsRegister for our newsletter and learn what we wish we knew after disaster hit our lives!
FREE handout prepared by a CPA who specializes in preparing income tax returns for disaster survivors.

Free eBook - Arm yourself with the knowledge and wisdom of survivors just like yourself – their experience is HERE. Our mission is to provide free comprehensive information about disaster recovery, including the insurance claim process, to disaster survivors so they may effectively reestablish their homes, lives and communities.
Although John is no longer an active member of CARe, he helped found CARe after he dealt with the aftermath of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. I had a survivor ask a question recently regarding staying with a relative and getting reimbursement via your Loss of Use aka Additional Living Expenses (ALE) coverage.

If you know anyone that was personally effected by the fires, please forward our information to them and we can connect them to the support community that is starting to rally behind these survivors.
CARe will be hosting an upcoming recovery meeting and would love to hear what kinds of tips you would share with these new survivors.

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