We have plenty of exterior methods of heating food (a couple of campstoves, a firepit and a grill) and have done a lot of cooking on them as we love the outdoors but we don’t have anything for indoors yet and I would like to get something since if we lose our power in a blizzard it might not be very fun to go cook outdoors or even in the garage with the windows open. Whether you are passionate about 'getting off the grid' or simply know that you are going to have to deal with a power outage in the near future, you are going to have to know how to live without electricity. Plant crops that will produce fruits and vegetables at different times of the year, that way you have delicious food to eat all year round. If you are planning on living without electricity, then you are going to have to find other ways to power your home without the help of electricity companies. Aside from water and non perishable foods, there are some other basic items that every household should have in their emergency kit. Before you dive into the non perishable foods you have stocked up on, consider cooking the perishable food you have left in your refrigerator. A while back I wrote an article about cooking without power, but when I wrote it, I was assuming that going outside to cook wouldn’t be a problem.

While it might sound unnatural to live without all the electrical items that play a large part in our lives, living without electricity has been something humans have done since the dawn of man. A large part of living without electricity is being able to preserve food, even when you don’t have a refrigerator to store it in.
If you are lucky enough to have a gas stove during a power outage, then you should be fine when it comes to cooking your food. With determination, a positive attitude, and a bit of ingenuity you too can live without electricity, be it for just a day or the rest of your life. Cows, goats, and sheep are all excellent dairy sources, chickens provide eggs and meat, and pigs can help you compost as well as provide you with food.
Growing your crops on your own land will also mean that you have control over what sort of contaminants your food is exposed to.
Staying warm in winter and having warm food and drinks is what I would like to know about, thank you for your help with this.

Wrap some food in aluminum foil several times and place it on the engine (away from any moving parts) and close the hood. Coolers keep food cold but without ice they can keep food warm when a thermos won’t suffice.
I came to to this hostel in Delhi where i do not have a microwave and really needed to know how to reheat foods!

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