The Office of Personnel Management on Monday launched its long-awaited revamped federal jobs Web site, the first step in reforming the government’s hiring process, officials said.
Instead of a home page crammed with links and pictures, the site’s new landing page allows users to look for jobs by key word or location. Those agencies need to keep up-to-date the status of jobs and applications, and ensure that their hiring systems are in sync with the site’s format.

The target is to provide Public Jobs to Commercial Job Boards, Mobile Apps and Social Media.
Or you might see a basically empty file, because at the time you checked the API, there happen to be no jobs with "Explosive" in the title.
Even with knowing little about the format itself or the USAJobs API, you wouldn't be wrong in guessing that this data contains jobs that contain the word "Explosive" in their JobTitle (e.g.

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