Founded in 2000, The GoBagger has been used and endorsed by the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army Corps of Engineers, Reclamation Districts, Highway Departments, Utility Commissions, Levee District Managers, Municipal Public Works Departments, State Water and Flood Agencies, The California Conservation Corp, and Emergency Management Operations all over the United States. NOTE: In hard hit regions, or in impending emergency situations, The GoBagger Company will gladly offer emergency relief pricing and expedited delivery of their product.
True or produced up gobagger that there is some type of movement going on against them you whenever. New GOBAGGER designs can be made of simple, easy to assemble components, used instead of other tools, like bucket, shovel, becoming a MULTI-TOOL WITH ACCESSORIES for different \"fields of activity\", including toys for children or adults.

In my opinion, GOBAGGER is more versatile than EZ Bagger; it can be improved a lot, to make it a FOLDING MULTI-TOOL ACCESSORIES, used for many other activities. A few years ago I saw a nearly identical device made of coroplast (corrugated plastic) that worked the same as the GoBagger but folded flat when when it was not being used. In addition to saving time, money and labor, the durable GoBagger also helps to conserve resources and save structures. The GoBagger is a low cost, lightweight, ergonomically designed, portable device that can easily be transported wherever sandbags are needed.

Now, as if to drive the point home, we hear about a better way of filling sandbags, and it’s a device called the GoBagger. With their device, however, they claim that two people with two GoBaggers could fill 480 bags in the same amount of time.

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