September is National Preparedness Month, so I didn't want the month to pass without sharing what I learned about making a Go Bag. I kinda went crazy recently with researching and purchasing items for emergency kits for the family. Grab and Go Bags for Emergencies You can read all of the Family Emergency Preparedness articles here.
1.trash bags, at least the 30 gal size to be used for rain coats with a quick cut for head and arms, also can be used to put things that cannot get wet, like food or clothing while crossing streams or rivers etc. I love the clothes pin idea and will be adding that to our bags… I know you mentioned cash, but I specifically keep a roll of quarters in my bag. Your emergency bag should have bandages, antibiotic ointment, burn gel, anti-itch cream, and painkillers. As well as flashlight, your bag should have several emergency glow sticks for the times when you need to keep and area light.

Though once the emergency is over, do not forget to replace what you have used out of the go bag.
Hi--Very sensibleand informative article--many years ago I was an avid hiker and always carried at least a small emergency kit.
Know where you will go if you have to leave your home in an emergency—make your plan ahead of time!
It does not even have to be an emergency, if you are going camping this emergency go bag is the perfect companion. If you are particularly organized, you would probably have a written inventory of its contents.What To Do in the First Hours of a DisasterYou have your bag all set up now, that should really be good enough, but everyone should know some steps to take in an emergency. Every grab bag should contain some items in case your emergency has you running for the hills or you find yourself without shelter.
One of the best things you can do to be prepared for an emergency is to have an emergency preparedness grab bag.Contents of your Grab BagEvery emergency go bag should contain objects from five categories.

Though if the world order has not completely dissolved, taking a gun to an emergency shelter may be a bit risky.When to GoNow your grab bag is chocked full of the most useful supplies you will ever need in an emergency. I was ready for anything coming my way because I had an hurricane emergency preparedness Go Bag. A Grab and Go Bag {or backpack} is what you quickly grab in the event of an emergency that forced you to quickly leave your home – house fire, natural disaster, etc.

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