This bag's main purpose is as a Get Home Bag, in other words, a bag to get me to my truck, or to home, where I have additional resources.
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First of all we need to talk about the difference between a survival kit and a bug-out bag. Bug-Out Bag – A bug-out bag is a bag that you can live out of for a certain predetermined amount of time – usually 72 hours – and has everything you need for that time. What I like about this list is that it’s basically a list of categories and he leaves it up to you to decide how to fill that category.
Posted in: Bug Out Bags, Emergency Survival Tips, How To Prepare, Prepping, Wilderness Survival Gear. Manly men and only a few metro-sexuals correctly refer to their Man Purse as Get Home Bags (GHB).

Note to the ladies: Jane over at Mom With a Prep reviewed her GHB, or Day Bag, just for you. At Society Stylist we want to help you find the style that suits you, makes you feel good about yourself and let’s you look at your closet every day as though it was your favorite boutique. After responding to many inquiries concerning what personal styling services we offer, what our rates are and what we can do for our clients, we have put together a list of our most commonly used services. Fashion Resolution Report: We will provide a list of recommendations of items for you to purchase in the future to fill in or replace items that have lived past their prime.
Chapman wanted a flashlight-handgun technique that would work with the flashlights of the day that would be superior to the old FBI method (not the one listed below).
If you are out of town you can either go to your preferred vendor with our repair recommendations list or we can take them to our local vendors and ship them to you upon completion. We work with you to place items where they are most accessible to you, how you use them and will allow you to truly wear what you have by  encouraging you to first “shop your closet.” Expenses for supplies such as hanging, shoeboxes, storage bags, etc are billed separately. If you wear suits and ties to the office, the Maxpedition line of bags will stick out like a man wearing a speedo to a lady-preachers convention. We even consider the event that we may have to leave this refuge at some point, and assemble bug-out bags (BOBs) and off-premises caches for this contingency.

I also keep a change of socks in the bag, odd I know, but until you’ve accidentally stepped in a puddle and had to work 12 hours with wet feet you may not understand. In my bag I keep a Sidewinder flashlight; it’s the one I was issued in the Marines and I love it. It is a good idea to have a couple cubes of wet fire, a trioxane fuel tab, or even a small bag of dryer lint with you to serve as tinder. I have used paracord to replace a broken boot lace, to fix a duffle bag strap that broke while I was rushing through an airport, and to fix the handle on a plastic pumpkin that broke on a trick-or-treat mission with my kids.

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