Becoming a real estate agent is different in that it isn’t like starting a new job—you’re starting your own business. Applying the ideas of corporate social responsibility to your real estate business can reap huge benefits. Growing families are a great target market to go after, and the best way to reach them is to get involved with local schools. Real estate has always been extremely popular with Chinese investors because it is viewed as a safer store of value than stocks.

The average annual wage in China increased by an average of 14% in 2012, and those higher wages are pushing real estate prices higher. As far as Chinese real estate, just remember that the Chinese are no different than us in that they all aspire to having their piece of what we call the American Dream, which is to own their own home.
It is the largest real estate brokerage company in China and has offices in most of the largest Chinese cities. It might be a small investment for your growing real estate business, but sponsoring a volunteer project can make a huge difference to a struggling nonprofit organization and their clients.

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