DISCLAIMER: Big Sky Ranch in Wimberley Texas meets Texas eligibility requirements for the Agriculture Exemption. Well, maybe I should learn a little first, at least the new information because the last time I read about getting a Texas Ag Exemption was prior to the changes made in 2012. Who am I kidding, I have been searching for the best information on Texas Ag Exemptions, and I clearly found it. Now it is time to complete your Texas Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification form #01-924.
In January 2012, Texas began requiring that anyone claiming an exemption from sales or use tax on the purchase of qualifying products used in the production of agricultural products or food must use a Form 01-924 Texas Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate. Also in January 2012, Texas began requiring that anyone claiming an exemption from sales and use tax when purchasing qualifying items used to produce timber products must use a Texas Timber Operations Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate, Form 01-925.
Texas law does not care if the landowner is really a farmer or if the landowner is a banker. Texas did away with the generic tax exemption certificate, form 01-339, which had been used for years to claim tax exemption status when purchasing qualifying products for use in agricultural operations of all types. If you have questions about the changes to Texas’ agriculture and timber operation tax exemptions, please visit GetReadyTexas.org.

There are certain items used to produce and sell timber which qualify for sales and use tax exemption.
The Texas Ag exemption is a good tax benefit for Texas farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses. In Williamson County Texas an Agricultural Exemption is actually a Special Valuation. A portion or all of the property may be eligible to receive an Agricultural Valuation and with the market value, the property owner will also receive a production value. In order to receive a Wildlife Valuation in Williamson County the property must currently be under Ag Valuation and a new i-d-1 Ag Application must be timely filed along with a 5 year Wildlife Management Plan provided by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. I can skip registration for the moment, and instead of watching the video I’d prefer to get the details, learn a thing or two, and start reading. Register For Your Texas Agriculture Exemption With The Texas Comptroller’s Office Today!
The purpose for the question is that there are tremendous tax savings to be realized if property used for agricultural purposes can be exempted from all or a certain percentage of the property owner’s tax burden and in many cases this is possible. The simplest way to differentiate this opportunity for Texas Land Owners, from the Open Space Valuation, is to remember that this valuation methodology is based on the Farmer’s Activity, which must meet specific agricultural requirements for eligibility. To earn an open land exemption, land must have been in agricultural use, actually producing something and can include timber, conservation management or wildlife management for five of the last seven years.

Individuals who claim a tax exemption based on their land producing and agricultural crop or maintaining open land space are expected to carry on that status for a long while in order to justify the tax savings generated by the exemption. In Texas, technically farms and ranches are not exempt entities from sales tax and not all purchases are exempt.
You can apply for an Ag Exemption for the same tax year you're seeking the Ag Valuation if you apply between Jan 1st and April 30th of that year. The following information has been put together for anyone looking to learn more specific details about the eligibility requirements and specific provisions around the Texas Ag Exemption program.
Additionally, Texas agricultural business people are eligible for other tax benefits depending on the eligible activities that they engage in on their property.
When searching for Texas Hill Country Land For Sale one should consider their use for the land and the amount of tax savings that could be generated based on the qualifying usage expected out of the land.
If someone buys or inherits land, they must reapply for the open space appraisal in their own name by April 30 to avoid losing the valuation.

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