Cedar Valley Publishing began in 2004 as a way for two stay-at-home moms to help get their own kids ready for that first day of school. Each page is laid out with each section written in English next to the Spanish translation. Third grade Gabi speaks Spanish at home and English at school and sometimes "Spanglish" everywhere.

Spanish and English combine naturally in Gabi's narration as the irrepressible, likable girl befriends a kindergartner who has moved from Nicaragua and as she controls her temper when teased by a classmate. Meanwhile, sun-seekers heading for Spain, Italy and France are being warned to get ready for very hot conditions.
Weather presenter Derek Brockway tweeted this morning: “A Spanish Plume and tropical continental air could send temps soaring next week.

As the name suggests it is a plume of very warm air that pushes north from the Spanish plateau and reaches the British Isles on a southerly airflow.

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