Branding your company as one that cares about your community is important for business and employee morale. A recent Cone-Roper Benchmark survey found that 75% of those questioned expressed the importance of buying from companies that demonstrate strong, consistent community involvement.
At a time when most companies have reduced or eliminated charitable giving, aligning yourself with a community partnership program builds significant goodwill for your business while providing needed support for the people and service organizations in need. I would love to talk to you about how a public service campaign that bonds your company with various charities and cause-related marketing can benefit everyone involved – the community members receiving services, the organizations providing the services, and the companies providing the financial support and publicity to make it all possible. Whether you’re a commuter or an on-campus student, many universities want you to get involved in any way possible.
The Vision of the Community Connections’ Volunteer Bank is to continually provide qualified volunteers for heart-centered service and to develop, collect, manage, and disseminate volunteer information. Most residents love telling their stories to visitors, and unfortunately, many of them don’t get visitors.
I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you to discuss further how a community partnership program can benefit your business! UCT volunteers devote countless hours and raise millions of dollars that directly benefit the communities in which they live, making a difference through helping others. Becoming a real estate agent is different in that it isn’t like starting a new job—you’re starting your own business. One of the best ways to demonstrate your commitment to the community is to do just that: prove it. Applying the ideas of corporate social responsibility to your real estate business can reap huge benefits.

Growing families are a great target market to go after, and the best way to reach them is to get involved with local schools.
There are a number of ways to engage with schools and the local educational community, so make contacts, figure out where the needs are and come up with a way to help. People are more apt to support businesses that support their communities.  Companies that exhibit a strong conscience and share their success with charities are viewed as successful and most admired companies in their city. We know that your advertising decisions are critical to the long term success of your business. A thriving school district and a prosperous community go hand in hand, and Cincinnati Public Schools is working hard to earn and keep the Cincinnati community's support. This can range from attending professors’ office hours, attending a campus event or getting involved in a student organization.
Get a group of friends together and have a food or book drive for the local food pantry or for underprivileged children. Our membership strength supports our vision of working together to improve our local communities.
One of the best ways to build a good reputation in your region is to become active in the community.
This requires a small to moderate budget, but it’s a powerful and splashy way to get your name out in the community. The idea is to structure your operation and the way you do business to serve a greater social good beyond the interests of your business.
With a keen focus on relationship building and expertise in research and development, Michelle will bring you the results you are looking for to grow your business.

CPS' administration places a high priority on community involvement and actively seeks input to fully involve the community in its schools. This national nonprofit organization connects potential volunteers to dozens of nonprofits across the United States and provides expert advice on the most vital needs of the community. Provide advertising to encourage other people to volunteer for your project, t-shirts with your company logo on them for volunteer participants and pay for supplies. This can mean implementing environmentally friendly zero-waste policies in your office to making substantial investments in local organizations to demonstrate your commitment to making your community a better place.
The mission of the Community Connections’ Volunteer Bank is to match qualified volunteers with opportunities for service.
What some fail to realize is there are ways to get involved in the community off campus, too!
Or, because every community is different, you can volunteer or even initiate programs and events that are important to you and the causes you support. It might be a small investment for your growing real estate business, but sponsoring a volunteer project can make a huge difference to a struggling nonprofit organization and their clients.

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