Severe weather alerts sent to your cell phone via a text message by filling out a simple form by entering the 10 digit number of up to two cell phones that you want the severe weather alerts sent to. If you did not get an alert, please note that only statements issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) for the FIPS code of your selected counties will be sent to you. This could be attributed to other factors such as network outages, poor signal strength on your cell phone, server issues, etc. If the Meteorologist on the radio or TV stated there was "Severe Weather", this does not mean the NWS issued a severe weather statement for your county.
This messaging service should not be used as your one and only way of being informed about severe weather.
When sending the severe weather alert to an email address, the message text will not be shortened like it is for a text message. Leafsnap is an app that uses visual recognition software to help identify plant species from photographs of their leafs.
When a severe weather alert has been issued for one of your selected counties, a short message about the alert will be sent to your phone. Everyone in the United States has heard that screechy Emergency Alert System tone that makes your skin crawl, be it on television or radio, but now you'll be able to hear it through your cell phones.

The Emergency Alert System on television and radio is usually used for severe weather warnings (tornado warnings, especially) and AMBER Alerts, but the National Weather Service and local authorities have a long list of events that they can warn us about, including 911 telephone outages, nuclear power plant emergencies, and even tsunami warnings. In addition to the severe weather warnings listed above, some AMBER Alerts as well as presidential alerts would be sent out through the WEA.
The alert pops up on your phone like a notification instead of a text message, and, at least on my phone, plays that screechy Emergency Alert System tone to make sure the warning doesn't go unnoticed. Oh, and don't forget that Republicans want to defund and ultimately abolish the National Weather Service in their ongoing Congressional War on Weather. Just enter the email addresses you want the severe weather alerts sent to separated by commas.
Smart phones can email, calculate, talk, text, video chat, surf the web, give directions, act as a flashlight and, interestingly, fight crime and save ducklings. Calendar Pad can also put a nifty little widget on your phone that keeps you up-to-date without actually taking the time to open the application.
Early last year, the Federal government began rolling out the Wireless Emergency Alert System (WEA) for folks with certain smartphones through most major carriers in the country.
Between television, radio, internet, weather radios, (unreliable) tornado sirensand now cell phones, there is a shrinking list of reasons why anyone with access to modern conveniences wouldn't receive warnings about severe weather.

You may not receive an email or text message until hours after it has been sent or you might not receive it at all. Well, farmers and gardeners can take their smart phones out of their deep, dark pockets and bring them into the sunshine because here’s a few phone applications designed with farmers in mind. Authorized by the SAFE Port Act of 2006 (see Title VI), the Wireless Emergency Alert System is the latest step forward we've seen on the ever-growing list of advanced warning systems developed to help alert people to the existence of life-threatening natural and man-made disasters.
Soilweb is a free app that gives GPS-based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data. Calendar Pad allows users to schedule events, set alerts and search calendars for specific keywords just in case you can’t remember what day that doctor’s appointment is and you don’t have time to scan through the calendar.
This robust app puts weather data, market data, grain prices, ag news and videos in the hands of the users.

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