A non-profit website created to give online outlet for the sale of crafts and artwork created by political prisoners. An independent 36-page monthly publication that provides a cutting edge review and analysis of prisoner rights, court rulings, and news about prison issues, with a focus on both state and federal prison issues.
Like many inmates before him, Randall Daluz, convicted of murdering three people, says he has found God, and he wants to share his insights with others. The state’s policy of forbidding prison inmates from publishing their work “under a byline” stems from a similar federal prohibition.

This eight-year-old finding should prompt Maine’s Department of Corrections to revisit its byline prohibition, which former Corrections Commissioner Joseph Ponte made clear applied to online sites in a March 2014 memo. It is understandable — and reasonable and proper — for prison officials to put limits on prisoner behavior, both to maintain prison security and to shield victims and their families from harassment, for example.
In a 1987 case involving restrictions on prison inmates in Missouri sending letters to one another, the U.S. Working through a Christian couple who visit inmates at the Penobscot County Jail, Daluz’s writings are currently shared on his website, The Journal of a New Creation.

Krieger found no security risk that justified the chilling of the speech rights of more than 198,000 federal inmates.

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