For example, a brochure for a general store may need a map, a list of all locations in that city, and a short description about what it sells.
Your approach to how you want to make the sale is a major factor in how you write your brochure. After you determined where your brochure fits into the buying process, don’t forget to target that particular audience.
Give reasons to a customer to hang on to that brochure, even if they decide not use your product right away.
Remember, a brochure send important information using limited resources so before handing it to a potential client, you must be sure it’s perfect. Below you can see 40 beautiful brochure templates from which you can inspire or you can buy.
This brochure would be fitting for a finance company, bank, or possibly an insurance company that is focusing on marketing its services to families or individuals needing retirement planning. The fun, fresh color scheme and cheery icons on the cover of this housecleaning brochure make it a lively way to convey housecleaning services and rates. The bright colors, stylish shapes and clean type of this florist brochure work together to convey an image of serious chic.
Any company passionate about promoting exploration the great outdoors can utilize this tasteful and functional brochure. The classic colors, home-made textures, and retro type throughout this craft fair brochure makes it a wonderful way to advertise for an expo of all things homespun.
A bicycle rental company specializing in loaning vintage bicycles can use this vibrant brochure to describe rental services.
Any national or local tourist board can use this exotic brochure to provide information regarding trip-planning, activities, tours, itineraries, and destinations. This brochure is fitting for any bookstore offering a wide variety of books and a cozy setting to customers.
This professional, corporate-looking brochure is fitting for an investment company who invests money on behalf of shareholders. This playful, informative brochure would be appropriate for a neighborhood farmers market. A dog-training school could utilize this brochure to describe the different obedience classes offered. A bakery could utilize this charming brochure to showcase their menu, mission, and order instructions. This brochure could be used for a hair salon interested in providing a one-on-one personal experience for every customer. A professional plumbing service can utilize this brochure to describe services and specials. The clean, sleek typographic treatment of this brochure is reminiscent of a golden age of motor vehicles, and is perfect for a high-end garage or repair service.
This brochure is appropriate for a cabinetry company or interior design firm striving to provide customized spaces for every client. This brochure would be perfect for a weekly farmers market or a market vendor to highlight organic growing processes and the benefits of fresh, local foods.
This brochure would work well for any pet adoption agency looking to pair abandoned pets with new, loving homes.
An antique furniture store specializing in the sale of vintage furniture and collectibles can utilize this brochure.

The gentle color palette and uplifting photos of this brochure are perfect for a chiropractic practice or other physical therapy-oriented business.
A credit union valuing a personal approach to managing finances can use this brochure to describe services. This brochure is appropriate for any cooperative striving to deliver public utilities such as electricity, water, or telecommunications to its members.
This elegant brochure, perfect for a yoga studio, reflects a feeling of tranquility and elegance.
A veterinary office can utilize this descriptive brochure to explain details regarding service, care, and staff. This brochure would work well for a company seeking to help children incorporate music into their lives. This warm, friendly brochure is perfect for a company offering dog-walking and obedience training services. A cooking or baking school could utilize this brochure to highlight classes and workshops. A juice and smoothie bar can use this tasteful brochure to convey a fresh and natural image.
This brochure is appropriate for a staffing agency or employment agency that matches workers with open jobs. This brochure, appropriate for a computer repair service, conveys a technical feel through the palette, geometry, and typeface. The unique red graphics throughout this brochure make it appropriate for a marketing firm seeking to deliver impressive results to all clients. A brochure about a travel agency should have images of places that you could spend your vacation, special offers or discounts, making you want to visit that city or country. Make sure that in your brochure people can find things like: your company name, logo, address, telephone number, fax, email or web address. Brochures can really help boost your company’s sales,both now and in the future so think what can you write in it so that a potential customer will keep it.
Collect brochures from other companies, especially your competitors and see what do you like and why. Be careful with your choice of colors because colors represent different things in different industries.
The tone of the brochure is warm and inviting with a nostalgic feeling portrayed with soft colors and subtle duo-toned photographs. The type treatment is straightforward and crisp, and the tile texture is a bubbly feature of this fabulous brochure.
Any florist or gift shop could use this brochure to provide information to customers, and the design includes plenty of space for unique photos and company-specific details.
The natural imagery and textures paired with the eco color palette and functional type treatment make this brochure a perfect choice for an outdoors company. Whether for a craft fair, a knitting circle, or a boutique, this brochure is sure-fire way to catch eyes and draw customers in for more.
The retro aesthetic of the brochure reflects the company’s interest in vintage bikes. The textured background gives this brochure a homey undertone, which is further implied by the red and tan palette. The color palette on the exterior of the brochure sets a serious tone while the inside can be used to successfully display a plethora of information.

The graphic, cheerful style of the brochure reflects the sense of community central to any farmers market.
The intermittent use of flourishes paired with the cupcake imagery and tan palette give this brochure a very friendly feel, appropriate for a shop selling baked goods. With a retro aesthetic and palette, the brochure captures the essence of a unique, friendly salon. The all-caps, condensed type face gives the brochure a feeling of solidity, which reflects the reliability of the company. The textured teal background of the brochure gives it an aged feeling which relates to the ancient history of tea-drinking. The graphic style of the brochure adds a playful element that gives it an appetizing tone.
This brochure has a compassionate tone and helps to portray the mission of a pet adoption agency.
The texture, refined palette, and pattern all work together to give the brochure an aged undertone. The photos throughout the brochure convey an image of a cooperation passionate about providing credit to its members.
The green palette conveys the professional image of experienced specialists while the pet images make clear the area of specialty. The pastel palette and pattern give the brochure a delicate feel, which portrays the sense of luxury one experiences when indulging in a dessert.
The color palette along with the vibrant fruit images give the brochure an appetizing undertone. With adequate space to display information about the staffing agency, this brochure could be used to explain the company’s unique qualities. The geometric cover of the brochure, with its use of lines and other shapes, captures the detailed, scientific aspects of the industry. If for example the brochure is dedicated to children, is not recommended to use a very complicated vocabulary or a trivial font. Using your imagination when designing your brochure can produce better than average results.
The inside contains ample room for explanation of services as well as room for satisfied customer testimonials and even extra space to promote free consultations. The treatment of type produces a businesslike-feel, which relates to the subject of the brochure.
They use a brochure to grab the readers attention and get them interested enough to want to know more. Brochures need to contain as much information as possible to get your potential customer to the next step – the purchase. The aesthetic of the brochure created by the grid and texture captures the youthful essence of the skateboarding culture. However, if you’re not providing them with useful information your brochure could be thrown away as soon as they received it.

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