We are in an especially tense time for civil liberties as the NDAA ‘indefinite detention’ bill makes its way through Congress, so when a story went viral over the weekend of Feds raiding a Latter Day Saints food storage facility in Tennessee and demanding customer lists, alarm bells went off and some folks got riled up. Oath Keepers did not initially name any sources and there was no corroboration from local news outlets of their post on the alleged food raid.
So the Feds didn’t kick down doors and confiscate lists of private citizens who want to prepare themselves with stored food in the event of an emergency such as a power outage or flood. The Blaze called one of the phone numbers listed on the flyer, and it is in fact a direct line to a joint terrorism analysis fusion center in Colorado.

Please note: This is part of a series of reviews we are doing on food storage, emergency prep, and self-reliance type books.
Background: We first met Lisa a couple of years ago when she was on Glenn Beck talking about food storage.
We’re Jodi and Julie, two busy moms who like to share what we learn while we build and use our Food Storage.
The three-part ebook program teaches you how to build a food storage with checklists, an encyclopedia, and a recipe appendix.

The bulletin lists sweeping generalizations about who might be a terrorist, and many of the indicators revolve around food storage and emergency preparedness.
Citizens can be sent to military prison without the benefit of a trial based only on suspicion, further government attempts to compile lists of  private emergency preparations and campaigns that single out self-sufficient citizens under the guise of counter-terrorism guidelines could heighten distrust of federal authorities.

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