The Baby Steps will be based on the 5 month preparedness calendar written by the Center for Preparedness Education and the recommendations from FEMA. And finally, do a little research to find out what kind of disasters are common where you live. This entry was posted in Emergency Prep, FAQs and tagged baby steps, emergency kit, food storage, getting started by admin. Another reason why you should start thinking about storing more food is because of the world’s economy. Food bars: These specially formulated nutrition bars are non-thirst provoking and are usually high in protein, vitamins and minerals.
Keep in mind that having clean water to drink is more important than food because you can live longer without food. Here we list these nutritional foods that would make the best canned food choices for your emergency food supply. Read more on what we suggest for the different types of "survival foods" on our Survival Food List Page. One customer shared that two tablets were enough to satisfy his needs for food for the time being.
Both of the cans do a good job keeping the food fresh but overtime the cans are vulnerable to corrosion. I do not recommend going this route because most junk food has little nutrients, full of chemical preservatives and is not good for your health. Oxygen is one of the biggest killers of food and if allowed constant contact with it, will ruin it in a few months. They are vacuum-sealed for additional protection of the food and prolonging the shelf-life. The food you prep with should be foods you eat on a semi-regular basis to make sure when you buy new food you can add that to the back of the shelf and take the oldest cans and use them for your meals now. From preparing and saving food like fish and other meats for later, salt is a necessary part of your diet that you need to live. Below is a list of some of the best foods for catastrophic and emergency events because of their long shelf life.
Depending on the types of food and packages, dehydrated food can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.

It can be used to attract game for hunting, as a gargle to help a sore throat, and can help with bacteria in foods.
There are some great manufacturers who score with some of the best emergency foods on the market. This primer on food selection is designed to help you select the best types of food for your emergency food supply. Freeze-dried foods are available in single-serving size (recommended for evacuation and GO-Bags), in #10 cans (recommended), and in 5-gallon buckets (ideal for large families or groups). Food and water shortages could be big problems in the very near future, unless the economy can be stabilized. Before microwaving or heating dried food, sprinkle some water on top of it to bring back some of its natural textures. Dehydrated food contains very little moisture because during production about 95 percent of its moisture is removed.
Canned fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf-life than regular fruits and vegetables but still do not compare to dehydrated food. Milk, cheese, beef, poultry, fish, bread, fruits, vegetables and eggs are some examples of perishable food. I’m a big foodie and I still learned a lot about food storage, as well as the other needs for survival in an emergency that should be addressed.
Build or buy shelves and place your canned goods and other foodstuffs on them, allowing nothing to sit on the floor or on the bottom shelf.
You can compile your own list of favorite foods, keeping in mind that freeze dried, dried and canned foods are your best option. Dehydrated food is lighter and usually takes up less space and last longer than non-dehydrated food. MREs usually contain many different food, such as spaghetti, corn, rice, beef stew, cookies, candy, shakes, tea, etc.
Dehydrated food and freeze dried food: These two survival foods are some of the best foods for emergency food storage because of their long shelf life.
If you live in the colder region of the planet, you may want to store more foods that are high in calories, proteins and healthy fats (unprocessed fats that are free of synthetic chemicals and non-GMO).
By fixing these seven mistakes now you have a far better chance of surviving and having enough food to keep you and your family healthy and ready for whatever comes.

As we talk about emergency food you probably start imaging some bleak, hard-to-chew and boring tasteless meal.
Beyond this, it does help make bland food more palatable, which is a good thing when relying on your food stores. This particular product offers 9 food bars and as an addition it also has 4 pouches of clean purified water. Increasing the quantity of canned goods and foil-packaged grocery store food is your first step in emergency food preparation. Canned food: The most popular cans for storing food are tin-coated steel or aluminum can because they are cheaper to make.
As the hurricane season is approaching you can never be too careful to actually think of emergency food kits a bit earlier. Once the dehydration process is done, the food is put into airtight packages or containers to protect its quality and keep it from spoiling. No longer does food for emergencies have to be tasteless and nearly repulsive as in the past. You should only keep in mind that you will need some portable stove to set the water to boil or at least to warm it, since powdered or freeze dried food needs some warm water to more easily and quickly dissolve and turn to an edible meal.
Another reliable emergency food kit is the LB1 High Performance 8-Day survival tabs and food supply meals. If the food smells funny or is discolored, it is best to throw it away to avoid food poisoning.
This is a great way to store highly nutritional food in small amount, thus keeping the entire kit light-weight. Because of the increase in natural disasters, it would be wise to stock up on a few months’ supply of food. On the other hand, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend freezing as it may make it difficult to use the heater on the food after removing from the freezer. After all these emergency foods can’t keep you healthy for very long time, as most have far less nutrients as fresh food, fruits and vegetables.

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