With your Systems2win templates, you have the choice of using a stand-alone workbook for your Control Plans, or including it as a worksheet within the same workbook with your PFMEA.
It is not uncommon to have multiple worksheets for Control Plans that differ for the following life cycle phases: Prototype, Pre-Launch, and Production. And every Industrial Engineer knows just how impossible it is to avoid merged cells in an FMEA template.
In your FMEA template, scroll to the right, and you will find the 'Language Translations' section. Notice that each translation section has only a sub-set of the columns found on the primary FMEA.

The concepts are identical, even when the title changes to Error Mode and Effects Analysis (EMEA). Prior to creating an FMEA — use the p diagram to analyze Inputs and Outputs and Noise Factors and Control Factors that can affect performance of desired Ideal Functions, and minimize Error States. Before distributing your master FMEA template, your leaders should have already personalized it. On the Team worksheet, define your team — including Roles, Responsibilities, contact information, and the Team Codes (which will appear in the dropdown lists on the main FMEA form). Therefore, it is impossible for your master FMEA to come with pre-defined Failure Modes, Effects, and Causes that will be correct for every level.

Consider all contributors as team members, including product managers, business analysts, QA engineers, developers, and implementation managers. For instance, if the requirements stage is necessarily a long one, you might cross-train QA engineers to gather requirements on behalf of the business analysts.

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