The northern Indian state of Uttarakhand had also suffered terrible flooding, but the whole story was yet to emerge.At the time of writing, reports state that the flooding in Uttarakhand has left around 60 dead and as many as 60,000 stranded. Some reports claim that some of the bodies of the victims are still lying in the flood debris, as conditions are too treacherous to reach them. It is feared that the death toll may rise as rescue teams are finally able to reach the flooded areas.It seems the worst affected area is the town of Kedarnath in Uttarakhand. In 2011, 77 people died in floods and landslides in the state over a period of a few weeks after the monsoon rains first struck in July that year.

In 2012, the Himalayan Flash Floods of that year affected Uttarakhand and neighbouring states, with as many as 31 people dead and 40 missing.Uttarakhand is a mountainous state, with large areas of forest, especially the lower foothills of the Himalayas. However, deforestation has been a big issue lately, and experts say rapid deforestation and construction work in the hills are some of the reasons behind frequent floods and landslides.
Many of the media outlets are disturbed by the lack of disaster management and lack of flood preparedness.
In an area that has suffered terrible floods consistently over the last few years, it is understandable that India feels angry that the authorities seem incapable of handling such disasters.

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