One of the nation’s largest cities experienced what meteorologists are calling a one-hundred-year flood.
Leaving two dead, lightning storms and torrential rainfall pounded Houston for most of the night. If you look at photos of the Houston Medical Center from 50 years ago as compared to today the amount of concrete that has replaced soil is astounding. If flood water can toss re-bar and concrete imagine what it can do to the sheet metal and fiberglass of a car. I drove about an hour-and-a-half to get over points that would normally take me about 20 minutes because of flooded creeks.
A third body was found near the Blanco River in Texas Tuesday, bringing the death toll in that state and in Oklahoma to at least 19 after weekend storms dumped rain on the region and caused devastating floods.
The National Weather Service said that more rain could be on the way for hard-hit parts of Texas, with a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms for the Houston area through 1 a.m. Four of the deaths in Texas were in Houston, the city’s government said in a statement. By Tuesday afternoon three bodies have been found near the Blanco River in Hays and nearby Caldwell counties, which flooded over the weekend and swept away the home.

By Tuesday evening, all bayous and creeks except for a portion of the San Jacinto River returned to their banks after some areas of the Harris County was hit with up to 11 inches of rain, the Harris County Flood Control District said. Motorists are stranded along I-45 along North Main in Houston after storms flooded the area, Tuesday, May 26, 2015.
Houston Intercontinental Airport smashed its all-time record for most rainfall in one day on Monday — its 4.34 inches almost doubling the previous milestone set in 1946. But the latest round of flooding in Texas and Oklahoma can be attributed to sustained rainfall, including the equivalent of 12 to 16 inches above normal falling in the past 30 days, Svoboda said. The sister of a woman swept away by Texas floods describes her last phone call as cabin floated away.
Floodwaters deepened across much of Texas on Tuesday as storms dumped almost another foot of rain on the Houston area, stranding hundreds of motorists and inundating the famously congested highways that serve the nation's fourth-largest city. Pro Vision - Global Digital Surveillance sent a drone out to survey flooding along Memorial Drive in Houston. The flooding closed several highways, and the ones that stayed open became a gridlocked mess.
For weeks Houston and other parts of the Lone Star State have been pelted with storm system after storm system, leaving large swaths of affected areas waterlogged and unable to absorb more rainfall.

Some parts of the city, particularly southwest Houston, saw more than ten inches of rain in as little as five hours. Storms are expected to be scattered, but a cell could produce flash flooding in Houston if a storm forms over already-inundated areas, the NWS said. That left the soil “like concrete,” which typically exacerbates flooding conditions, said Mark Svoboda, a climatologist with the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska.
Meteorologists predict more rain this afternoon or evening, but we’re hoping and praying Houston gets a reprieve.
They’d been driven up into the house, out a hole pounded thru the roof, then into two boats too small for raging flood water.

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