The Prince met members of the mountain rescue service, police, fire rescue service, the ambulance service, the RNLI, the RAF and the RSPCA at the town's mountain rescue centre.
Helping hand: Residents rescue cars stranded in flood water Mr Green, 46, said there was virtually no warning of what was to follow. Last night, the Environment Agency warned there was a risk of further flooding overnight because of expected heavy rainfall. Six of the most severe 'danger to life' warnings have been issued as Britain prepares for more rain and floods this weekend.

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson received a hostile reception when he visited the area earlier this week and pledged to develop a plan in six weeks to deal with the consequences of the floods. ScottishPower has been working to restore supplies to 350 properties while train services remain disrupted. Southeastern trains which run services between London to Kent and parts of East Sussex will have 40mph limits in place from 8pm tonight. North Wales Police says extra patrols and mobile CCTV cameras will remain in force to police properties affected by flooding while the clean-up continues.

Denbighshire council is considering whether more investment is needed in the area to prevent the flooding from happening again.
Hourly services each way will run between Rhyl and Holyhead in both directions and buses will operate at the other end. map download
Fema flood insurance rate map
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