National Safety and Health award is an annual event organized by Department of Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH) to recognize company for implementing good safety management system and achieve good safety records.
Kuala Lumpur MRT project is currently the largest and most influential infrastructure project in Malaysia. Improve emergency response mechanism to handle unexpected situations of safety environment.

In order to strengthen safety production management, safeguard the personal safety and health of the staff during the construction, as well as promote a sustained and stable development of the enterprise, the Joint-stock Company established a series of rules and regulations such as Safety Production Management Regulations, Safety Production Responsibility System, Investigating Measures of Safety and Quality Incidents, Interim Guarantee Measures for Safe Production Funds, Management Measures of Safety Standards for Construction Site, Contingency Response Plan for Production Safety Accidents and Emergencies.
Compile Emergency Response Plan covering 39 kinds of emergency situations, and carry out one-week full-time training for the emergency response team members including first aid, search and firefighting.
Meanwhile, carry out emergency evacuation and rescue drills at various construction sites on a regular basis.

Safety during winter weather
Lightning storm safety procedures
Physical map of usa with mountain ranges


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