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Two straight days of heavy downpours have caused flash floods across much of northern tarrant county leaving thousands without power and forcing six flags over texas. This page contains an overview of the national flood insurance program and contains additional information and links for property owners, claims adjusters, insurance.1. In terms of lives lost and property damaged, floods are just behind tornadoes as the top natural disaster. Flash floods: Water from floods can take time to build up, allowing the population in an area time to be warned in advance. Coastal flooding occurs along the edges of oceans, and is driven predominantly by storm surges and wave damage. Keep your furnace, water heater, and electric panel elevated, especially if you live in an area where flooding is likely.
Put together an emergency kit and make plans with your family — something that is ideal for any emergency situation, not just flooding. If you find yourself under a flood warning, make sure to pay attention to radio or television warnings. Damage from a flood depends on a number of things, including how long the water remains before receding and how quickly it was moving. The top five deadliest floods in world history occurred when the Huang He (Yellow) River in China exceeded its banks. Although China takes a frequent beating from flooding, the Netherlands also boast a number of deadly floods in its history.
In fact, storm surge deaths caused by hurricanes dominate the list of flood dangers in the United States.

Other dangerous incidents of flooding include a 1972 dam failure in Buffalo Creek, West Virginia.
A 1976 flash flood in Colorado's Big Thompson Canyon after excessive rainfall created powerful water that ultimately killed 144 people and resulted in almost $40 million in damages. In the Great Flood of 1993, excessive rainfall in the Mississippi River basin caused significant flooding that did $20 billion in damages over a period of several months. 95% of those who perished in the flood try to outrun the waters along their path rather than climbing rocks or going to a place higher up the ranks. 66% of deaths caused by floods usually occur in the vehicle, and most happen when drivers make a single fatal mistake trying to navigate through flood waters. Hurricanes, winter storms and snow melt (but often overlooked) is one of the causes of flooding. The new land development can increase flood risk, especially if the construction changes natural runoff paths.
Two straight days of heavy downpours have caused flash floods across much of northern tarrant county leaving thousands without power and forcing six flags over texas.Flood insurance.
Sometimes the area covered is wide and flat; water tends to spread out and be slow-moving, and may not appear to travel at all. Heavy precipitation can cause chunks of ice to push together and create a dam in what is known as ice jam flooding. A weakly constructed dam could receive a more substantive battering than it was designed for and give way, creating a flash flood in the regions downstream.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, attempting to drive through flood water is the leading cause of flood-related injury and death. The yellow silt that provoked the river's name can pile up higher than the land around it, causing the water to spill out of its causeway and onto the flat land surrounding it.

Thirty-four thousand square miles (88,000 sq km) of land were flooded, leaving 80 million people without homes. In 1642, approximately 300,000 people died to flooding, famine, and plague when the Ming governor of Kaifeng ordered his men to break dikes along the river in an attempt to drown rebels assaulting his city. Sometimes flooding causes deep water to move quickly, while other times, shallow water may linger, taking days to dissipate. In mountainous areas, where water flows together through steep valleys, the flood water tends to move faster and linger for a shorter duration. Eventually, the wall of ice breaks, and fast-moving water rushes downstream much like a conventional flash flood, destroying objects in its path. Floodwaters destroyed bridges and telegraph lines, keeping those outside of the city from realizing the extent of the damage for some time. In an effort to control the flooding, some dams were deliberately destroyed with hopes of relieving some of the pressure.
In 1421, the tenth deadliest flood in the world occurred when storms caused dikes to collapse. Water moving at 9 feet per second (2.7 meters per second), a common speed for flash floods, can move rocks weighing almost a hundred pounds. Flash floods carry debris that elevate their potential to damage structures and injure people.

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