Emergency planners and local responders in launching initiatives to defend the no matter how. Basic First Aid Procedures Quick Tips #207 Levels of Training In the workplace, it is often the job of a Certified First Aid Provider to assist in stabilizing an injured or ill person until professional medical help arrives. Certified First Aid Providers are persons who are certified and trained to certain levels in first aid and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).
This course is taught by hospitals, technical colleges or fire departments, and certification must be updated bi-annually.
Basic First Aid and CPR courses are approximately eight hours long and are certified through a number of nationally recognized organizations, such as The American Red Cross, The American Heart Association and The National Safety Council, to name a few.

To help citizens be more prepared for emergency situations, the American Red Cross trains people in first aid and CPR. Due to the increased need for first aid services, the development of the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) has been established in most communities. However, it remains equally important for citizens to be trained in first aid and know what to do until the EMS or other emergency medical professional arrives. First Aid and Infectious Diseases Infectious diseases are diseases that pass from one person to another. In first aid, bloodborne and airborne pathogens are most commonly transmitted through touching, breathing and biting.

Below are some basic guidelines to follow that will help reduce body fluid transmission when rendering first aid care. Basic First Aid Procedures Following are some basic first aid procedures for treating shock, bleeding and wounds, burns, choking, electric shock, eye injury, fainting, heat stroke, hypothermia, and unconsciousness.

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