I don't mind commercial emergency kits, but they tend to have too many unecessary drugs and are very expensive.
Keep your survival kit in a familiar place and make a list of items you will need to locate quickly in your home.
But whatever the situation, your family will be a disaster preparedness kit lot safer if you take a little time to plan ahead and be ready for the unexpected. It recommends having a bag of emergency kit at home and in the car in case of being trapped by snow. Check with the office of Homeland Security Emergency Supply List (see Resources) for instructions on how to use bleach in an emergency.

For example, on his list are basics like a wind jacket, aluminum foil emergency blanket, first aid box, and small whistle. We supply medical equipment, training and supplies to doctors, dentists, schools, churches, museums, corporations and individuals. What everyone needs in their holiday office party survival kit is an all too frequently ignored awareness of this complexity. Some important tools to have in your kit are a flashlight with spare batteries, candles, can opener, whistle, tweezers and scissors. The CLAM (Compact Layout Auto-Injectable Medications) Kit is available by prescription only.

It contains basic survival items you might want to gather for your own kit, good for any emergency, including the zombie apocalypse or more likely natural or man-made disasters.

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