Call or email if you want information and pricing or have emergency needs - we are here to help. This 25-person first aid kit is packaged in a durable metal case and provides the various items needed to alieve most minor injuries. The other day though, after a few minor injuries I realized that I had never put together a First Aid Kit so I did a First Aid Kit List and supplies to put in my Grab and Go Summer Fun Bag so when we needed band aids we had to borrow from other parents. I needed my kit for the first time when Miss E fell and grazed her knee, I was so glad to have it there in the changing bag! When you know how to respond in an emergency, and have the supplies you need, you are confident and can respond in a timely manner.

Antibiotic ointment for cuts and scraps-because we are outside playing in the sand and dirt I always want to make sure to add antibiotic cream to our cuts before we put on the band aid, just as a preventative measure. Store items in a tightly sealed container within reach of adults, but out of the reach of children. First aid and CPR classes can be found in the phone book or by contacting your nearest hospital or Red Cross center. You will need to text me on the DofE phone (07789921157) to arrange if you would like to come in and get some assistance with completing. In a family child care home, keep a first aid kit in the main area where children play and a second kit in the kitchen.

Classes will need to be repeated on a regular basis so you keep current about what to do in an emergency. Store an extra first aid kit in a secure, waterproof area on the playground or bring the indoor first aid kit with you every time you take children outdoors.

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