When camping, you always run the risk of getting injured or suffering from a heat-related illness and inevitably getting some type of bug bite.
A good first aid kit specifically designed to treat these injuries is an essential item in your camping gear.
First remove the stinger by scrapping it out with your fingernail, a credit card or your driver’s license. Your first line of defense against getting a painful, itchy rash from poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac is to familiarize yourself with these plants and avoid them. If you suspect someone has broken their neck, head, hip, pelvis, or back, do not move the injured person and call for medical assistance. Also, add a couple of epinephrine-containing Epi-pens for anaphylactic shock (not uncommon with bee and other insect stings). A pair of needle holders and some pre-attached needles with 3-0 silk suture material is mandatory for sewing up large cuts. Also, it’s a good idea to have a magnifying glass handy to use when removing small slivers, stingers from bees or even checking for remnants of ticks, etc. Also, my advice is to check out Amazon or the local bookstore for a good manual on first aid, and to have a quick review of what to do stashed in the kit. Wherever you are going camping you should always take a basic first aid kit with you to cover basic wound dressing, sun protection, insect bites and non-serious illness. However, depending on where your destination, how far from medical help you will be and what animals you may encounter, you may want to include some of the other more advanced items on the list.
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Manny Edwards shows you some first aid items that don’t come in the regular supermarket first aid kit, are very cool and can spur a friend or family member to get interested in learning some first aid skills. I don't mind commercial emergency kits, but they tend to have too many unecessary drugs and are very expensive. Tiny, light and infinitely transportable, this affordable little kit might save your life in an emergency.

These were my favorite DIY gifts for outdoor loving families!  I hope you have a great holiday season and get outside to play each day. You will also find ways to pair them with store bought items for a great gift for the family that loves to play outside! For example, in Alaska, I would add a space blanket, chemical handwarmers and high calorie snack. I especially like the firewood tote (someone always gets a sliver or snags clothing) and spice kit. Now as a member of the ambulance service we are taught and teach that it is to be left in place as we look at life over limb.Reply robinAdrian, public forum is probably not best place for this discussion and will only confuse readers. As a long time scouting canoe coach my primary first aid kit has always been a roll of electricians black tape!
The Master camping first aid kit treats all levels of wounds and bites including trauma injuries.
Butterflies are okay for small stuff (maybe) but if you are caught miles from anywhere and you have a lot of bleeding, knowing how to sew up cuts might save a life. I put together my own kit, but it contains pre-loaded lidocaine syringes to anesthetize wounds prior to suturing. Broken bones can’t be treated with a small first aid kit, but knowing how to stabilize limbs until help can arrive can make you a hero to the person suffering from a traumatic fall, etc. Typically the only time I need to start a fire is when I’m cooking or boiling water to heat up some dehydrated food, make some soup, or make a hot cup of tea. Each of these troops were sent different fire starting items, included the item listed here. The best wilderness first aid kits are ones where the contents, your experience and the likely risks are in sync.
The tweezers in the Master first aid kit are plastic, so replace them with a durable, stainless steel pair.
First and second degree burns can be treated in the field, however a third degree burn needs to be treated by a medical professional.

The American Pet Center outlines a comprehensive dog first-aid kit you can put together that includes a muzzle, nail trimmers, tweezers, a rectal thermometer, saline solution, an inflatable protective collar, bandages and a few other items.
There are some general skills that everyone should learn such as basic life support (even if you are travelling no further than the office) but you shouldn’t neglect to undertake a risk-assessment for where you are going and use this information to improve your preparation.
Not only does the Master camping first aid kit have everything you need to treat your typical outdoor injuries, but it also includes an instructional booklet that covers CPR and almost every type of injury you could imagine. It is best to seek medical attention after a snake bite, however do not move the person for at least 30 minutes so the snake’s venom can localize. To treat a sprain, apply an ice pack for 20 minutes a few times a day and elevate the limb. The other side has five smaller pockets, one 15-inch wide large compartment and 10 elastic straps of varying sizes to secure items.
I mostly keep it low-fi and light some crumpled newspaper to get a fire going, but these homemade herb and spice fire starters are a simple step that makes a fire feel really special. I hope this article will give you the basis to think about what’s already in your personal first aid kit as well as what else you might like to include. Besides various bandages, gauze and wraps, the first aid kit has an emergency blanket, splint, three shake-to-activate ice packs, calamine lotion, pain reliever, bug-bite cream and even a pupil gauge—which also acts as an emergency flash light. It is a very thorough kit and with a few extra items that I mentioned above, you have everything you need to treat many typical outdoor injuries. Small bandage: I find these cheap, small bandages useful for cutting to size to dress a cut or burn, particularly on fingers. Alongside are other items - large bandanna, water bottle, and malleable splint - useful for outdoor first aid. The Master first aid kit does not include an EpiPen, but there is plenty of room in the bag to add one.

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