This is pretty much what I would wear for any Saturday walk and it’s all tried and tested gear. This holds all my chargers, cables, spare batteries and a small speaker for use in the evening.
All these USB cables plug into a 4-way USB wall charger which helps reduce the weight significantly. I don’t mind wearing the same clothes every evening for two weeks, but towards the end it could be unpleasant for other guests in the same accommodation. The Smartwool Merino vest is a spare, in case the day is warm and I feel the long sleeve Merino will be too much. I recycle the tiny hotel shampoo bottles I pick up when I’m working away and fill these with my medicated shampoo, I need about 2 bottles for the 2 week trip.
The food bag will normally have lunch items and snacks for the evening, hopefully collected just before I arrive at the B&B. I also have a stretch of 5 days in the middle of the walk where I don’t pass a shop, so that will add considerably to the daily burden as I carry lunch items for all those days. I can do all of the above functions on my phone, but the screen is much smaller and the keyboard more fiddly and error prone.
The iPad has a protective case to keep it safe from knocks and bumps and I’ll add an Aquapac waterproof case to keep it dry inside my pack too. These are the items that hang off my pack, live in the pockets, or are loose inside the main compartment.
The camera is still TBD as I’m considering upgrading to the latest Panasonic Lumix, the TZ30. Just today decided to take the iPad along, the weight penalty is more than compensated by the number of uses I will be putting it to.

Still have to figure out how to add photos though – getting them off the camera and into the iPad each evening should be interesting – or impossible, not decided yet!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. About the authorI'm fast approaching my dotage it seems, with various bits of my body refusing to work in the way they used to, but I still manage to drag my sorry load up a few hills every now and again. Box that contains the materials required to administer first aid, including bandages, medication and instruments. Instrument used to remove fragments of a foreign body (usually splinters) accidentally introduced under the skin. Instrument with two movable overlapping shanks having sharp inside edges; they are used for trimming and cutting. Stick whose ends are covered with cotton wadding; they are used to clean and disinfect wounds.
I need to do some training walks with the full kit load to see how the feet cope with a heavy pack in Roclites. So one pair of everything and if I need to, I’ll have it washed at some point along the way, but this sort of depends on availability of facilities. I won’t be re-supplied very often on that walk, certainly not every two weeks, so I need to see how long stuff can last before it needs washing and cleaning. They weigh a lot less than a pair of shoes, or even flipflops and if my boots are wet at the end of the day and I need to walk to the pub, I will use the Sealskins to keep my feet dry inside the boots. The Paramo coat goes into the dry-bag, compressed right down to reduce space in the pack and the Rab troos have their own tiny stuff sack. I may not take them at all – but that does take some courage, especially in Scotland in the spring.

I’ve only ever needed my FAK once, and that was on the Pennine Way in 2010, when I slid down a slimy tunnel and cut my hands. I love the iPad, it’s the perfect platform for evening blogging, watching films, Twitter, Internet browsing and so on. These items don’t need to live in a dry-bag as they are either waterproof in their own right, or they have their own waterproof cover, like the phone.
Lover of the Yorkshire Dales, fell-walker, trig-pointer, peak-bagger, Wainwright-er & Pennine Way author. On the other hand, I may take these instead of my Craghopper walking trousers and wear them all the time, even when it’s dry. It does add over a kilogram to the pack weight though and I’m still working out if this is an acceptable burden. I’ve printed these from Memory Map, onto A5 sheets that are placed back to back in the map case. The reason for asking is that I’m planning a walk in the Lakes and I just found your list very useful as a comparison checklist.
Also the new TZ30 uses a USB cable to charge, rather than a bespoke wall plug attachment, so will save a little weight.

School emergency preparedness ppt
Tornado safety precautions
Electromagnetic pulse gun
Merps (medical emergency response plan for schools)


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