You can spend some money and buy prepackaged kits, and all kinds of "prepping" gadgets, and say you are "ready" and then go on about your daily life. I also call my Bug Out Bag a "Cowboy Kit" because it is loosely based on what the old West cowboys had with them as they rode their horses out on the rugged and remote western lands and would spend a night or two out under the starts. Contrary to what some wannabe "Rambos" fantasize, making fire is extremely hard by Bow-Drill method, and takes skill and lots of experience to do. Also, as to knives, and an Emergency Evacuation or Escape & Evasion kit I strongly suggest a second knife that is large, but not too large for your hand size and grip strength.
Also, Naval Special Warfare has added the Hoplite to the new Visual Augmentation System Kit. PRG has introduced an accessory kit that let’s you customize your kits and upgrade kits already in the field. The First Responder Kit has three levels of kit contents – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. This means end users can carry our kit under their armor or on their belt in the small of the back (Using the First Spear Low Vis Pouch).
The kit is machine sealed in medical grade vinyl and precision RF Welding produces a continuous waterproof seal; the kit is designed to last 24-30 months. The Sons Trauma Kit has been proven in Afghanistan and Iraq for four years and now this product is available for tactical teams and law enforcement patrol officers. The people of Ontario have faced all kinds of emergencies, from ice storms and power outages to tornadoes and industrial accidents.
That’s why everyone should have an emergency plan and kit to take care of themselves for at least three days. Your emergency survival kit should have everything you need to be safe and take care of yourself and your family for at least three days. Make a note of where your kit is stored, so others can find it easily if they are assisting you. Here, you can see the difference in size between the SONS Trauma Kit and the new Shield Trauma Kit.

Already proven successful with soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, Phokus Research Group developed the First Responder trauma kits for use with Law Enforcement.
The First Responder kit is packed around injurty patterns in priority of treatment following LEFR-TCC protocols.
A pull handle allows for the kit to be easily retrieved from the small space beneath the user’s ballistic protection. Consider giving an extra set of keys to someone you trust and let them know where you keep your emergency kit.
This checklist outlines all the essentials, items to meet your unique needs, and items to have ready in case you have to leave your home.
If you haven't already read it, click the link to it and go read it first, it's short and a quick read. If your house is destroyed or unsafe for you to live in you will need, at the very least, the contents of your Emergency Evacuation kit (Bug Out Bag).
For that matter, there is a plethora of pre-packaged "72 Hour Survival Kits" marketed all over the place on the internet. One of the "Extra Two" items is a first aid kit which can contain little "slide-bys" like a needle and thread or bug repellent. It is fool hardy to assume that because you have read some outdoor survival book or watched a few videos to think you can just go out into the woods and pick the right type wood and construct a Bow Drill and successfully start a fire.
You may notice a few new things about these kits, such as the pull tabs seen on this SONS Trauma Kit.
The First Responder kit is packed around injury patterns in priority of treatment following LEFR-TCC protocols. The Low-Visibility Trauma Kit has two levels of kit contents – intermediate and advanced. These kits feature a low-profile, flat design at only one-half inch thick and about one-half pound in weight, and offers quick accessibility for life-saving first responder treatment. Personally, I think they are pretty much all very lame but hey, if I had nothing, I would be thankful for one of those lame kits just the same.

I will get more into the 4 additional items but first let me go over and explain the 10 Mandatory Items -the 10 things I believe I, nor you, could do without in a 3 day primitive survival  (not pleasure) camping trip.
ONTARIO, California – The Safariland Group announces today an agreement with Phokus Research Group to distribute the innovative Sons Trauma Kit to its public safety customers.
The Sons Trauma Kits follow all Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Guidelines and Protocols and feature high-quality, combat-proven components. This line includes more than 20 revolutionary items including the Deployment, Low-Vis, Shield, and Advanced Vehicle trauma kits, and the HOPLITE night vision refocusing device. The First Responder Trauma Kit is 9” x 12”, less than one-inch thick and weighs approximately one-half pound. A pull handle underneath the packaging allows for the kit to be easily retrieved from the small space beneath the user’s ballistic protection. So, in your Emergency Evacuation Scenario Planning & Preparing, as far as a Bug Out Kit goes, you will think of the items that would make such a situation a little less hard on you. The Sons Trauma Kits will be available at dealers and distributors of the Safariland Group in February. The same professional grade medical supplies that are used by EMS and first responder teams nation wide. The First Responder Low-Visibility Trauma Kit is 6” x 9”, less than one-inch thick and weighs approximately one-half pound. The Sons Trauma Kit is offered in two standard sizes with a total of five varieties to offer kits for various missions or team preferences. These highly durable trauma kits are immediately accessible, allowing for fast treatment when seconds count.

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