No one likes to think it can happen to them, but house fires can break out for a wide range of reasons.
Even the smallest house fire is capable of causing a significant amount of property damage as well as personal injury or even loss of life, so preventing them and knowing how to properly respond if a fire does break out is extremely important. Fires can break out whether residents are awake in the living room or kitchen, taking a bath or sleeping in the bedrooms. Fire safety ladders are designed to give residents a safe escape route from second story windows, and they should be placed in a convenient location in every second floor room in the home.
There are codes regarding the placement of fire detectors in a home, so it is important to check the codes first. Generally, it is safer for residents to get out of the home in the event of a fire rather than to attempt to put the fire out, and personal safety should also come before thoughts about saving the property. Fire safety and prevention equipment is only useful if it works, so it is important to test the equipment and supplies regularly. Residents should also know what to do if a fire breaks out in a home, and in most cases, the answer is to get out of the home quickly and to call the fire department. With some preparation and a plan, you and your family will know what to do in case a fire does happen in your home. If you are ready to buy a home, sell a home or invest in real estate, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with your real estate needs and encourage you to call, text or email us today to set up a consultation. Erb and Young Insurance is here to help you as the owner of a Florida Home to make informed decisions when it comes to anything that can threaten the well-being of you, your family and your assets — like protecting your family from fire by providing home fire safety tips. Erb and Young Insurance is here to help you rebuild your life after a terrible loss, like a fire.

If you have question about fire safety or would like help installing a smoke detector, please contact us by calling 725-2119 or send an e-mail with your request to Fire Chief. Locking windows – when securing windows make sure the locking mechanism is easily unlocked from the inside to allow a fast escape in the event of fire or smoke.
Training – all people who occupy your home should have a good understanding on how to operate the window and door locks and know how to test and maintain the smoke alarms throughout your home. The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) has encountered many fires where homes were highly secured to prevent burglaries, but the homes were not prepared for fire emergencies to allow quick escape from a life threatening situation. DonateDonations to the Department can be made through The United Way by simply writing in Mathews Volunteer Fire Department on your United Way Pledge Form. They can happen at anytime and the causes can range from grease fires while cooking in the kitchen to lightning striking the home. Whether buying a new home or residing in an existing home, everyone can benefit from learning more about fire safety rules. It is important to have a fire exit strategy for every floor of the home and every room of the home.
Residents should know how to attach them securely to the window as well as how to get down the ladder safely. In many cases, homeowners may benefit from having additional fire detectors placed in strategic locations throughout the home in addition to the locations required by code. However, in the event a very small fire has broken out, a fire extinguisher can provide a homeowner with a safe way to put the fire out. For example, a homeowner may test the batteries in a fire detector monthly and may take extinguishers to the local fire department for testing annually.

Attempts to save personal belongings should not be made, and all residents should know where the family will meet outside of the home in the event of a fire.
We hope that you found these home fire safety tips helpful. Please, with this information in mind, contact your Erb and Young Insurance Agent to discuss your Homeowners and Commercial Insurance policies. They work out of two offices in the Orlando area to best serve Business Owners and Home Owners of Central Florida. Smoke alarms – ideally your home should have smoke detectors that comply with Australian Standards. Planning – everyone in your home should be familiar with your home fire escape plan and review this plan at least once a year.
Take the time now to review fire safety facts and tips so your family will be prepared in the event of a fire emergency in your home.
In addition, it is equally important that all residents in the home understand the strategies and know how to get out. These steps will help to ensure that residents have access to functional safety equipment regularly.
Practice your escape plan in the dark so that you all know what to expect and how to navigate the home without electricity. Sometimes fortifying your home to prevent burglaries or intruders can actually pose a risk in the event of fire.

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