The ever growing industrialization, the unhindered population growth massive urbanization etc have all increase the fire risk to a great extent. Fire and Industrial Safety Engineering is a subject which needs a thorough study along with a judicious mix of practical and on the field training. Technical changes within industry and the increase in the number, variety, type of chemicals, flammable and combustible products, and population densities have accentuated the fire problem and has created a need for fire professionals In India and abroad.

This curriculum is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to begin work in many areas of the Fire Protection field and to help solve fire protection and related safety problems in our complex technical society. A Fire and Industrial Safety Engineer is not born until he receives training which could bring the best out of him. The subject ranges from the study of designing as well as installing fire prevention systems, kinds of fire and prevention method, different engineering subjects related with industrial management and safety.

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