All fire equipment needs to be tagged, tested and maintained to meet the requirements under Australian Standard AS1851. Every business will have different fire extinguisher requirements depending on the nature of the business and the class of fire that is most likely to occur. Under the provisions of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP & A Reg), owners of buildings have a legal obligation to supply the Commissioner of the NSW Fire Brigades with a copy of any Fire Safety Certificate and Fire Safety Statement listing the fire safety measures applicable to their building. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for a free consultation to determine your fire extinguisher needs. Every twelve months after the Fire Safety Certificate is issued, an Annual Fire Safety Statement must be prepared and forwarded to Council.

Our team is here to provide your business with quality installation, inspection, testing and maintenance to meet all your fire safety needs. PRICED from $150, to place your interest in getting a fire safety compliance inspection, please order this item ($0) and choose phone as your payment method. A person who carries out an assessment: must inspect and verify the performance of each fire safety measure being assessed, and must test the operation of each item of equipment that is included in the current fire safety schedule for the building.
Building owners are required to submit a Fire Safety Certificate to Council before a new building or part of a building is occupied, and when works required under a Council fire safety order are completed. A Fire Safety Certificate or Statement is submitted by or on behalf of the building owner, and certifies that specified essential fire safety measures have been installed and perform in accordance with the relevant BCA requirements and Australian Standards.

We are a fire safety company based in Sydney servicing NSW with quality fire safety initiatives.

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