A Victoria-based company is supplying kit homes that have been designed to withstand bushfires up to attack level 40.
Become aware of fire evacuation and earthquake plans for all of the buildings you occupy regularly. As Australian households look for ways to stay warm and cosy this winter, Wormald is reminding families to be extra vigilant about keeping their homes fire safe and discussing fire prevention with their children.
Glucagon Emergency Kit consists of a vial containing 1mg glucagon and a prefilled syringe containing 1ml water for injection.
An action plan and well-stocked disaster preparation kit are both highly recommended in coastal zones where hurricanes can impact.

The curved exterior of the home reduces the areas for debris and embers to attach to during a fire, making it suitable for areas within bushfire attack level 40 as per AS3959-2009. The home is built on a concrete slab or a steel sub-floor and the underside of flooring is lined with insulation and cement sheet. The exterior of the home is comprised of fire resistant Colorbond cladding and cement sheet cladding.The shell insulation has a flammability index less than five and covers all timber panels and framing under the roofing.
The RAL Building System gives the flexibility for clients to select from a series of eight components to create a home that accommodates individual requirements.
Each RAL Home begins as a blank canvas allowing home seekers to create not only a place to live in but a personal and individual reflection of their own lifestyle.The system gives home owners the option of extending the home down the track by purchasing additional components and adding them to the existing home.

The homes are mostly self supporting; meaning non-load bearing internal partition walls can be added or removed to create new rooms as required.
The homes come in kits which are ready within 12 weeks from order, often fit on one semi-trailer or shipping container and are delivered Australia wide and overseas.RAL 2 is priced between $100,000 and $122,000 depending on choice of sub-floor.
There are three bedrooms each with built-in-robes, one bathroom, study nook, kitchen, and an open plan living area.

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