Using Firewise safe materials in home construction projects can help home owners avoid a loss in the event of a wildfire in their immediate area. In most cases these structure losses could be avoided with more attention to landscaping and some investment in fire safe construction materials. Fire safe roofing; Class-A asphalt shingles, slate or clay tile, metal, cement and concrete products, or terra-cotta tiles.
For exterior siding, fire-resistive stucco or masonry may be much better choices than vinyl, which can soften and melt. For a more detailed list of construction suggestions with graphic illustrations visit the Colorado State Forest Service Firewise Construction Site Design & Building Materials booklet. To better assist local building code development and zoning, the Firewise team at Michigan State University Extension, in cooperation with the Land Use work group has developed a Sample Wildfire Hazard Zoning template. See below to find disaster resistant green home construction services in Billings and gain access to earthquake resistant building, fire resistant separation walls, masonry safe rooms, dome construction, flood resistant green home design, and sustainable materials for disaster resistance home construction, as well as advice and content on disaster resistant green home construction ideas.

In rebuilding a home lost to fire, or building a new home in a high fire area, Allen Construction can provide design and material suggestions to make the home more fire-resistant. Adoption of Firewise-suggested construction materials and landscaping efforts can greatly reduce the chance of loss.
There is also useful information on fire safe construction on the national Firewise Communities website.
This zoning template, although designed for community applications, may be of additional help to individual homeowners in better protecting their homes from wildfire loss.
In working with numerous people who have lost their homes to fire over the years, we have gained considerable experience in assisting clients to navigate the insurance and building department process, realize their entitled insurance benefits, and expedite rebuilding. The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) reports 2,200 primary structures were lost to wildfire nationally in 2012; that same year Michigan DNR reports almost 24,000 acres burned by wildfire causing the loss of 100s of structures. Our experience with new home building in high fire areas and our research of fire-safe designs and products have given us the knowledge to guide our clients in the direction of fire safety.

The client remains in control of each part of the process, and fees are credited back if the client selects us to do the rebuild construction work. Strategic Alliance Homes is a company with technology and ability to produce homes to withstand disasters that are occurring at an increasing rate and more powerful than ever before.
A key factor of Strategic Alliance Homes product development includes implementation of quality control throughout the entire building process in order to ensure ongoing construction integrity. Strategic Alliance Homes buildings can be constructed into each specific market sector beginning with low-elevation flood-prone and violent-wind regions and continuing into higher elevations where fires and avalanches occur.

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