Along with the excitement of having beach weather this month through May, the rising temperature also brings in a rise in the number of tragic fire incidents. Aside from being aware of the common causes of fire in households, you also need to know how to map out a plan when a house fire occurs. To ensure your family's safety, here are some tips that you can consider when creating a fire escape plan for your space. Since March began, Cherry Arejola, Fire Officer I of the Intelligence and Investigation Branch of the Bureau of Fire Protection in National Capital Region (BFP-NCR), said that there are already 42 recorded fire incidents in NCR alone.

Keep your family and home safe with a few safety tips from the Bureau of Fire Protection, which is actively disseminating preventive measures in line with the country’s observance of March as fire prevention month.
Dispose wastes such as papers, rubbish and other materials that can easily be caught by fire. Held at the new office of the Philippine mission, some 25 employees led by Ambassador Crescente Relacion and vice consul Melvin Almonguera participated in the sessions. Since 2006, the Philippine embassy and Phase-Qatar have been partners in disaster-preparedness programmes and spearheading awareness campaigns to keep overseas workers safe and healthy.

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