The mission is to protect lives and property with a coordinated effort in code enforcement, fire service training, public education, and hazardous materials response. The Division of Fire Safety provides a number of services related to the safety of residents and guests of the State. If you have a complaint regarding fire safety contact your landlord or building owner in an effort to resolve the issue. Code Enforcement InspectionsCode enforcement is the responsibility of the Fire Inspector and trained educators.

In-service inspections reduce the potential for fire by identifying and causing the rectification of most common fire hazards.
This is to ensure that when the tank is being installed it meets the code requirements to protect the environment and prevent the possibility of fires caused by leaks.
Upon receipt the Division of Fire Safety will schedule an inspection with the building owner. Firefighters, versed in both code and hazard issues, provide a more consistent, objective and measurable tool for hazard assessment of buildings.

The Fire Inspector will contact the occupant or owner of the property and make arrangements to conduct the inspection.

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