In the wake of the tragic Oklahoma tornado and Missouri wind damage, KMOX 1120AM asked Scott Mosby for his thoughts on how to stay safe during a tornado warning, and his thoughts on safe rooms.
In a house with no basement take shelter in the smallest room or interior hallway in the center of the lowest floor. Securall® FEMA Shelter Doors are constructed in accordance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA 320) recommended design specifications. Strong tornadoes have resulted in loss of the floor framing, collapse of basement walls and death and injuries to individuals in the basement.

The Rebate Program for the renewal of the residential safe room provides residents of the Texas Panhandle assistance with the installation of safe rooms or tornado shelters meeting FEMA standards for wind resiliency in or around their homes.  If accepted for this program, you will receive a rebate up to 50%, not to exceed $3000. By having a safe room in your home, you can protect your family and save the lives of those you care about. A Securall® FEMA Shelter Door is a critical element when designing a safe room for protection against severe storms. This pressure relates to a 250 mph ground speed tornado and the door installed in Zones 4&5 per ASCE 7-05 for a corner zone with the negative pressures being greater than the positive pressures.

In accordance to FEMA 320, the residential shelter guideline, swinging door assemblies should resist a static pressure of 1.37-psi for a 5-second period.

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