Develop community partnerships to leverage resources Form partnerships with neighborhood-based organizations such as churches to assist in promoting educational messages about emergency preparedness. Since 1997, Booz Allen has successfully conducted more than 1,000 planning workshops, capability assessments, training events, and catastrophic incident exercises worldwide in civilian and military communities. Booz Allen has the extensive global knowledge of disaster planning best practices, subject matter expertise, and proven methodologies needed for providing successful support to our clients in exercise design, development, and delivery. Booz Allen provides proven, tailored training and product development to uniquely fit our clients’ most challenging disaster preparedness needs. Although global companies and governments are discovering the critical importance of supply chain cyber risk management, adversaries have known about it for a longtime.

The strategy and technology consultants of Booz Allen Hamilton have developed proven methodologies to support our clients throughout the planning and exercise life cycle. Used to assess plans, policies, and procedures in a structured environment that encourages slow-paced problem solving. By bringing together exercise development professionals with subject matter experts, Booz Allen forms delivery teams that work together to solve our clients’ challenges. The Defense One Summit will explore a series of provocative questions around the evolving threats at the forefront of national security concerns. The guide can also be used as a study manual guide with credit awarded for successful completion and a 75 percent score on a final exam.

Providing the intelligence community with strategy and technology solutions for secure intelligence gathering, analysis and dissemination. The focus of the content is on how to develop, practice, and maintain emergency plans that reflect what must be done before, during, and after a disaster to protect people and their property.

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