Federal emergency management officials will begin their statewide tour of Minnesota's rain-saturated landscape Tuesday, the first step in a preliminary assessment of flood damage. To qualify for federal disaster relief, the state must be able to prove $7.3 million in damages, mostly to public infrastructure such as roads and bridges.
Thatcher said that if President Barack Obama declares Minnesota eligible for aid, Ramsey County will have to prove $1.7 million in damages to qualify for federal reimbursement.

Public infrastructure in suburban Ramsey County hasn't suffered as much flood damage, but it hasn't been immune to rising water, either. Paul to organize their damage assessment, which begins Tuesday in Rock, Nobles and Jackson counties in southwestern Minnesota.
She said St.Advertisement Paul, which suffered its seventh-worst flood on record, will probably reach that figure alone.

This year's flooding occurred outside of normal flood season, and "the river is carrying 30 times as much silt as a normal flood," Thatcher said.

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