Fehr got his right-to-the-edge training this fall at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), a FEMA teaching facility where some 14,000 first responders and emergency managers come each year to drill, pairing classroom time with intensely realistic exercises. Advanced Responder Training Complex: A series of buildings spread over five acres, including an apartment complex, dining facilities, a subway, as well as a street tableau with offices, businesses and warehouses. Chemical, Ordnance, Biological and Radiological Training Facility is the only training facility in the country where civilian responders train in a toxic-agent environment.
More recently, instructors have begun incorporating sophisticated patient-tracking systems to train responders in mass-casualty situations.

FEMA eventually put out a statement saying the CDP would not be considered for the role of temporary immigrant housing. While that sense of realism is an important part of the learning process, King said, equally important is the presence of so many different players from so many different corners of the emergency responder world. Students come from the ranks of emergency management, EMS, fire service, hazardous materials, health care, law enforcement and others. As Kentucky’s state training coordinator, Arnold sends 200 to 300 first responders to the CDP each year.

They come from the police, fire, emergency management and health care ranks, and they receive a broad range of experiences. This is one of the few places where emergency responders can go to play out a disaster scenario not just on the tabletop, but on the ground.

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