Within the City of Austin, one of the primary missions of the Austin Fire Department is to eliminate civilian fire fatalities and injuries. In 2013, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded the Austin Fire Department (AFD) a $252,600 grant for Fire Safety and Fire Prevention. SUMMARY:  Fire Safety Training events were held throughout the city, including areas that are considered to be socially economically and disadvantaged neighborhoods, senior citizens, and multicultural family neighborhoods, including the following communities. From 2008 through 2013, there have been 26 unintentional civilian fire deaths within the City of Austin.

This document is intended to provide guidance to other fire departments interested in implementing free smoke alarm installation programs or applying for similar government funded grants.AFD continues its mission of zero-fire deaths by installing free smoke alarms and providing increased public education within the community. In residential properties, there have been 18 civilian fire fatalities, 225 civilian injuries, and an estimated $88.1 million in property loss.
However, AFD acknowledges that areas for further research include a long-term assessment of the impact of the free smoke alarm program and fire safety education messages to the public. In 50% of these incidents, there was not a smoke alarm present or a working smoke alarm present at the time of the fire.

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