Prepare now in the event of an evacuation.Evacuations are more common than many people realize. Use the Family Emergency Plan to decide these locations before a disaster.If you have a car, keep a full tank of gas in it if an evacuation seems likely.
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Be prepared for a disaster and evacuation of your daycare facility or classroom with instant access to vital information and first aid supplies.

Provides quick and easy access to vital information, first aid supplies and comfort items during and after evacuation from your daycare facility or school. In addition, hundreds of times a year, transportation and industrial accidents release harmful substances, forcing many people to leave their homes.In some circumstances, local officials decide that the hazards are serious and require mandatory evacuations.
In others, evacuations are advised or households decide to evacuate to avoid situations they believe are potentially dangerous.
When community evacuations become necessary local officials provide information to the public through the media.

Follow these guidelines for evacuation:Plan places where your family will meet, both within and outside of your immediate neighborhood.

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