These FEMA grants for the state of Texas,¬†whose Governor has flirted with the idea of seceding from the United States, cover 75 percent of the state’s costs for firefighting.
These grants are for specific incidents and are different from FEMA’s Major Disaster Declarations, one of which has not been approved for the Texas fires this year. Texas owed the Federal Fire Fund (Albuquerque Service Center) 75 million dollars at the beginning of 2011.

Here is a link to an editorial in a Texas newspaper about the denial of Texas’ application for a FEMA Major Disaster grant. Big State, lots of land that can burn, serious long-term drought, and so the budgeted funds for the TX Forest Service gets cut back, and then the Guv wants Fed FEMA to pay 75% of the costs.
Sitting on 9 billion dollars they refuse to to use and help our own people with and now those dastardly fiends at FEMA refuse to give Federal Funds garnered from the taxpayers of the entire nation to help us.

In fact, Texas has benefited more than any other state from federal Major Disaster Declarations.

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