When Donna Edgar found out that new flood maps from the Federal Emergency Management Agency would place her house in a high-risk flood zone, she couldn’t believe it. Maps built with out-of-date data can also result in homeowners at risk of flooding not knowing the threat they face. It’s unclear exactly how many new maps FEMA has issued in recent years are at least partly based on older data.
State and local floodplain officials pointed to examples where FEMA had issued new maps based at least in part on outdated data. Using new technology, FEMA today is able to gather far more accurate elevation data than it could in the 1970s and 1980s, when most of the old flood maps were made. With limited funding, FEMA has concentrated on updating maps for the populated areas along the coasts.
When old maps are digitized, mapmakers try to match up road intersections visible on them with the ones seen in modern satellite imagery (similar to what you can see using Google Earth). When FEMA issued new maps last year for Livingston Parish in Louisiana, near Baton Rouge, they included new elevation data. FEMA removed the Edgars from the special flood hazard area in March, but again it hasn’t actually changed the maps. Darling, the county’s director of environmental services, said he had gotten calls from dozens of homeowners with similar complaints about the new flood maps.
The contractor that created the new maps appeared to have taken shortcuts in drawing them, Darling said.

Everyone better relax and make sure they are getting it right because it turned out our flood map was dead on. My experience with updating Flood Zone maps in my part of Pennsylvania is that FEMA pushes down proposed maps for review and comment at the local level.
The cost of doing maps should be dropping as UAVs gain better LIDAR, prices continue to come down, and legal barriers to using these semi-automated survey methods expire.
This illustrates to anyone, without partisan blinders, the inefficiencies of government, at the local, state and federal levels.
Now, since the City government was responsible for the mini-disaster which was really limited a single neighborhood of a city of several, those ‘knowledgeable’ experts, stand with stretched arms, defending FEMA and its maps, which patently ignore the available drainage system - in existence or further upgraded!
Lidar, in which airplanes map terrain by firing laser pulses at the ground, can provide data that’s 10 times more accurate than the old methods.
But the old maps and the new imagery don’t always line up correctly, leading to what Alan R. But when they applied for a loan the bank told them that FEMA’s new flood maps for the county, issued the year before, had placed the land on which they planned to build in a special flood hazard area. The Texas state government paid to map Burnet County, where the Edgars’ ranch is located, in 2011 using lidar. Letters of map amendment acknowledge that FEMA’s maps were incorrect without actually changing them. Rather the culprit that the facts in the story point to is the Congress and the Administration, who only provided sufficient funding for FEMA to correctly do the highly populated coasts, leaving too little to do the less dense areas in between correctly.

The state is in its usual coma, and the federal government prefers to spend its revenue on bloody wars while some people drown, and others finance recoveries from disasters that are clear and expected and can be forecast by a High School student! Maybe those moocher gummint employees can pay for this mapping outta their own pockets lined as they are with the vast sums of money they’re not being paid.
Raygun started choking the Federal Government years ago and Bush and his Reptardian allies finished it off in 2002 and 2003 with the Bush tax cuts and then two unfunded wars. The thick blue line above it shows the center line according to the new FEMA maps, and the shaded area shows a high-risk flood area, which includes the house marked 501.
The mapmakers did not match up the new elevation data with the older data correctly, he said, making structures in the parish seem lower than they really are.
I believe that every consumer must watch out for him or herself, to demand to see the map they are located on through their insurance agent. Assuming you get notice that FEMA is updating the Flood Zone maps, you had better find the right point of contact locally to ensure your property is not adversely impacted.

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