There has been a surge of new RFID blocking wallets and other products on the market that are designed to block cellular phone or RFID chip signals in order to prevent their transmissions or stored data from being maliciously intercepted, scanned or used to track your location. Be warned by keeping your phone in a Faraday cage will start your phone on a hunt for a network, this in turn boosts it’s signal strength full bore open which in turn will drain your battery. The HuMn wallet is essentially a plate with a band to keep your cash and cards in a small space, but in addition to its minimal carrying functions it also blocks any RFID skimming. Currently the HuMn wallet is available on a more-than-funded Kickstarter project that's basically now a pre-order page.

UPDATE: Apparently there's already a wallet just like this, and it's called the William Wallet made by Wintercheck Factory.
ANOTHER UPDATE: You can now purchase the Humn Wallet on their web site, so the link to the Kickstarter page (previously below) has been changed.
Instructables user merlin1974 has detailed instructions for making your Altoids tin wallet. Although plenty of RFID-blocking wallets exist, none are quite as thin and pocketable as the HuMn.

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